Ergonomic lift system improves accessibility in home and commercial applications

April 14, 2007
ADA STANDARDS FOR ACCESSIBLE DESIGN can be exceeded by utilizing ErgoSwiss lift components. American Sales Development (ASD) has introduced the ErgoSwiss line of table legs and frames that allow automatic height adjustment of tables, benches, desks, or any other work surface from sitting to standing range Height adjustability up to 500mm is easily achieved for many applications including work benches, assembly tables, carts, conveyors, massage and examination tables, kitchen cabinets, islands, beds and desks. Height adjustability offers many ergonomic benefits and allows those with physical challenges the ability to perform previously difficult tasks more easily. ErgoSwiss lift systems include the cylinder and pump combinations common to ergonomic lift systems, but also include legs and frames and brackets designed to contain and support the moving cylinders and provide a simple to assemble table, bed or assembly system from common components. The system consists of a simple single acting pump with either a manual or electronic control which pushes the moving cylinders contained within the table legs. The system can be configured for up to ten legs for control of long continuous work surfaces. The framing system is easily assembled into a variety two, three, or four leg tables. Table travel lengths are available in 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm with a maximum load capability of 600kg.The cylinder legs are constructed within a square aluminum tube and are thus self contained and able to withstand side loads with no additional reinforcement. Also included are joining beams, mounting feet and brackets for assembling into various configurations. ErgoSwiss provides a variety of pumps and both manual hand crank or remote electronic operation All elements are modular and when assembled provide a clean modern looking frame with great stability even at its most extended position and smooth silent operation.