Gizmo Engineering introduces the first liquid level alarm that monitors liquid level in chemical drums, tanks and containers that is battery-powered. Developed for automated chemical processes where liquid is continually pumped out of drums, it neatly solves the problem of having the drums run empty without notice. When a drum level is too low, the Drum Alarm beeps and flashes to alert personnel immediately. The audio alarm is loud enough for the noisiest manufacturing plants, and the LED is highly visible. It is especially suitable for situations when the contents of a container are emptied or filled infrequently, as these containers tend to be "forgotten". The Drum Alarm ensures this never happens. The battery lasts about 3 years as there is no power drain when the unit is not actively alarming. The Drum Alarm has a liquid feeding tube permanently attached to the float switch alarm so it is impossible to forget. The alarm is always on duty. The Drum Alarms are perfectly sized for the containers they monitor such as 55-gallon drums, so it evacuates as much liquid as possible. This feature minimizes the amount of residual chemical left unused in the containers. It features a built-in variable-area flowmeter so liquid flow can be conveniently monitored. The unit is built from the ground up for corrosive environments and rough handling.