April 13, 2007
NKK Switches, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of electromechanical switches, announces the DSA01 combination tilt/sensor switch. The new DSA01, which is triggered when tilted beyond ±10° of the horizontal, brings unique sensitivity to small angle changes to NKK’s complete DS series of environmentally compatible components. Engineered to replace mercury and pendulum switches, the DSA01 is environmentally friendly and contains no mercury. In addition, the switch features a sealed body construction that ensures high contact reliability. The DSA01 is cylindrical in shape measuring 29.3mm in length and with the diameter of 11.5mm. An optional PCB adaptor is available to simplify assembly. The PCB adaptor eases mounting by securely housing the DSA01. The DSA01 tilt switch is single pole single throw, maintained circuit. Operating range is ON Angle =10° ~ 170°; OFF Angle = 190° ~ 350°, allowing 500ms settling time between states. The resistive load is 0.1A @ 12V DC. The mechanical life and electrical life are rated at 100,000 operations minimum. The DSA01 housing is constructed of PBT material. Rubber rings are nitrile butadiene rubber and the contact balls and terminals are brass with nickel plating. The operating temperature range is -10°C ~ +70°C. The DSA01 is rated to withstand 90 percent humidity for 96 hours @ 40°C.