Robust Industrial Relays

April 24, 2007
Weidmuller announces the introduction of a new series of industrial relays designed for the OEM and process control industries. The RIDERSERIES II relays are comprised of an innovative new line of base sockets combined with a new robust line of industrial relays that can speed installation for the OEM and provide reliability and ease of maintenance for process industry users. The new base sockets feature connection technology choices that include Weidmuller’s exclusive Push-In connection technology that can reduce installation time up to 75%. Reduced installation time coupled with reliability and low cost make this package a great value for both the process and OEM user. The relay contacts can switch loads up to 16A at 24VDC or 230VAC for power or signal switching. The new RIDERSERIES II relay modules include features such as heavy duty industrial pinning, integrated LEDs and push-to-test levers. The heavy duty industrial pins nearly eliminate accidental pin bending. The integrated status LED and diode circuit protect controllers from inductive kick back damage and allow for easy and instant troubleshooting. The last feature is a unique test lever on each relay module. This relay test lever allows the operator to test the output circuit without energizing the coil. The lever can either temporarily or continuously lock contacts closed to allow for hands free testing. All of these new RIDERSERIES II relays have regulatory approvals including CE and cURus. Weidmuller is committed to engineering and supplying the most innovative and value based products possible for the production and process control industries. The new RIDERSERIES II family of relay is another example of this pursuit.