Offer Faster Response, Output Options for Sanitary Applications

April 28, 2007
MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has expanded its family of magnetostrictive level sensors by combining its expertise in linear-position measurement electronics with the application knowledge of liquid-level installations. The new LLH sensors provide fast response, a variety of output options, and a design that meets sanitary specifications for the pharmaceutical industry. By combining the functionality of both the level and linear position product areas, MTS can offer the benefits of various sensor families in one package. “Accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of the MTS magnetostrictive measurement, based on its patented Temposonics® technology, are the foundations of the new MTS level sensors,” said Lee Aiken, product marketing manager, MTS Sensors. “With the new sanitary rating, we can now provide the same level of performance experienced by our customers across many industries to the pharmaceutical industry.” Features of the new sensors include faster response for control and 3A (74-03) sanitary configurations, including electro-polishing / RA15 finish. The 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. organization formulates sanitary standards and accepted practices for the sanitary design, fabrication, installation and cleanability of systems used to handle, process and package consumable products, such as medication, where some degree of sanitation is required. The sanitary standards and accepted practices are developed through a cooperative effort of industry experts and provide material specifications, design criteria and other information for equipment to satisfy public health concerns; protect consumable products from contamination; and to ensure all product surfaces can be mechanically cleaned or easily dismantled for manual cleaning. The new level sensors also provide remote programming and diagnostic capabilities, via serial communication over standard cabling, to simplify commissioning and trouble-shooting. Programming software is provided by MTS Sensors free of charge. Compatibility with existing interface electronics is virtually guaranteed with the various outputs available including analog, digital pulse, high-speed serial, synchronous serial interface and fieldbus outputs such as CANOpen, DeviceNet, Industrial Ethernet and Profibus. The new level sensor is based on the proven technology behind the MTS Sensors product lines. MTS Temposonics linear-position sensors provide accurate, non-contact position sensing in a wide array of output configurations and application housing styles. Offering smart sensors with high resolution digitally based linear feedback, products with microprocessor intelligence, programming and diagnostics, as well as no-frills, low-cost sensing options, MTS’ linear-position sensors are ideal for today’s advanced distributed control architectures. MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corp., is the global leader in the development and production of magnetostrictive linear-position and liquid-level sensors. Based on MTS’ patented Temposonics® technology, the Sensors Division is continually developing new ways to apply magnetostrictive sensing technology to solve critical applications in a variety of markets worldwide. With facilities in the U.S., Germany and Japan, MTS Sensors Division is an ISO 9001 certified supplier committed to providing innovative sensing solutions that deliver customers with reliable, cost effective sensing devices.