May 2, 2007
Proto has broadened its offering of spud wrenches with the addition of 9 new products. This increases the line breadth to a total of 39 SKUs. The increase gives Proto one of the broadest offerings of spud wrenches in the industry, and make it possible to meet the needs of nearly any customer. Spud wrenches are heavy-duty, large-opening (9/16 in. to 2 in.) industrial wrenches. They’re a must-have on commercial construction projects, as the tool that iron workers on high-rise buildings use to tighten the fasteners that join structural I-beams. But these tools also earn their keep in other heavy industries, such as oil drilling. A Proto spud wrench is easily distinguished by its shape, size, and color. Its handle is conical rather than flat, and tapers to a point at the end. The handle’s shape lets workers use it to align bolt, rivet and flange holes. This wrench’s long length – handle sizes range from 12 to as long a 29 inches – is designed to provide high leverage when lining up heavy members. Its Protoblack™ black oxide finish provides a non-slip grip and long wear in dirty work environments. Stanley-Proto offers three styles of spud wrenches: Open end spud wrenches are made for speed. Their offset heads let users easily and quickly reposition the tool while turning the fastener through its length. Proto is adding 8 open end spud wrenches to the line. Box end spud wrenches are used primarily for the final tightening and loosening of fasteners. They’re less likely to slip than open end wrenches when put under high stress. Proto is adding one box end spud to its lineup. The adjustable spud wrench is designed to let workers quickly switch from one size fastener to another without having to carry multiple wrenches.