Triplex, High-Pressure Flushed Pumps Provide Extended Life

May 16, 2007
CAT PUMPS has added several new 35 Frame Flushed Pump Models to its line. These Flushed Pumps have proven to significantly enhance seal life and reduce maintenance costs when pumping high temperature and low lubricity liquids. These new C-flushed pump models 3521C, 3531C and 3541C are available with a 316SS cast head offering strength and corrosion resistance. The special porting in the inlet manifold permits an external flush between the Lo-Pressure and Hi-Pressure Seals. This flush provides cooling and added lubrication for the seals. As a side feature, the flushed pumps capture any leaking, that may develop as the seals experience normal wear, in the circulating flushing liquid, avoiding external leaks and assuring a safe work environment. CAT PUMPS flushed pump design offers these benefits: 
  • exceptional seal life
  •  high energy-efficiency
  • high strength and liquid compatibility
  • extended life pumping low lubricity-high temp liquids

CAT PUMPS Standard Long Life Features
--concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers and the specially formulated Hi- Pressure Seals offer unmatched wet-end performance and life
--chrome-moly forged crankshaft and special high-strength connecting rods assure exceptional
drive-end performance.

New Model Selections

3521C 23.0 GPM @ 2000 PSI 800 RPM
3531C 36.0 GPM @ 1200 PSI 800 RPM
3541C 45.0 GPM @ 1000 PSI 765 RPM