Model LC-2000 Length Process Controller

May 25, 2007

Model LC-2000, a universal direct length control system with built-in batch control, can be used for time-based cutting or it can measure products using an encoder with a measuring wheel. It can also be wired to stop an existing Puller when a batch is completed or activate a visual or audible alarm when the batch is done.


The internal batch control system lets the operator preset a batch quantity and repeat the batch over and over again automatically or with the push of a button. This control system can be used with nearly any type of extrusion/profile cutter and displays the cut length, line speed, and cut-rate on easy-to-read LEDs. The LC-2000 also features easy setup and operation, highly accurate cut length control, and is able to operate in both the English and Metric system.


The LC-2000 is compatible with a variety of encoders and measuring wheels in order to achieve the accuracy that specific cutting applications require, or it can be ordered as a complete system with an encoder, measuring wheel, encoder mount assembly, and cables.