May 8, 2007
Bodine Electric Company, a leading manufacturer of AC induction, permanent magnet DC, and brushless DC motors, gearmotors and controls, recently introduced a new digital Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controlled version of its INTEGRAmotor line of standard products. INTEGRAmotors combine all four elements of a typical motion control system -- a control, a brushless DC motor, a gearhead, and an optical encoder -- into one compact package. The all-in-one design reduces wiring hassles, assembly time, and cost, as well as minimizes EMI. Bodine’s new PWM models combine a 24VDC brushless DC motor with a built-in open loop voltage mode PWM controller. PWM controls digitally encode analog signal levels by using high-resolution counters. These counters convert the analog signal into a series of digital pulses of DC current. Compared to analog controls, digital PWM controls can significantly lower system costs and power consumption. The Bodine controls used in the type 22B/FV or 34B/FV INTEGRAmotors accept PWM input from an external motion controller or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). They feature amplifier enable, direction input, dynamic braking and a built-in 256PPR, and a 2-channel encoder. “The INTEGRA represents an inexpensive way for OEMs to get all their motion control needs met in one compact package,” says Mike Marhoefer, Engineering Manager for BLDC and Control Technology. “It represents Bodine’s long-term commitment to innovation -- nobody else has anything quite like it.” The INTEGRAmotors are designed for applications that would typically require more costly stepper or high-end servo systems, such as office equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, medical equipment, graphics machinery and factory automation.