Low Profile SMD Micro MOTORS featuring 3.4mm Height; For Vibration applications

May 25, 2007
SANYO DC Micro Motor Division has developed a vibrating micro motor featuring a low profile of just 3.4mm, in a SMD package. The new SANYO BSY Series DC motor is ideal for applications requiring a small foot-print on surface mount circuit boards. The new series is available in a 11mm length. Applications for this new micro motor include mobile phones, consumer medical devices and other small hand held devices, in OEM quantities. Also targeted are medical and other applications requiring disposable functionality made possible due to the low unit cost of the motors. The series is suitable for devices weighing approximately 80g or less. The BSY series was originally designed for the latest feature rich but compact mobile phones to alert in-coming calls silently. “The surface mount configuration provides a compact and extremely reliable solution, without the possibility of contact failures seen in spring loaded designs”, explains Shane Snipe, manager and mechanical engineer for Sanyo’s DC Micro Motor Division. The motor measures 11mm long, with body 4.4mm wide x 3.4mm high off the mounting surface. Typical speed is 14,000rpm with a counterweight of 1.7mm radius and 2.8mm length. Mechanical noise is 45dB max. Electrical noise is controlled by a ring varistor. Standard operating voltage is 2.7VDC. Load current is approximately 65mA. Operating temperature range is -20°C ~ +70°C. Storage temperature range is -30°C ~ +85°C. The price of the SANYO BSY-3089 vibration micro motor is approximately $0.65 each, in 1,000,000 minimum unit quantities. SANYO also offers custom stepper, brushless, precious metal brush and geared micro motors in OEM quantities. • Length: 11mm • Width: 4.4 x 3.4-mm • Typical speed: 14,000 • Counterweight of 1.7 mm radius and 2.8 mm length. • Mechanical noise: 45dB max • Operating voltage: 2.7 Vdc • Load current: 65mA • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 70°C • Storage temperature range: -30°C to 85°C