Safely Optimize Lean Order Picking With Patented SAFEPIK™ System

May 10, 2007
SAFEPIK announces availability of a new safety system designed to improve lift truck order picker operations in warehouses and distribution centers, while saving cost and increasing productivity throughout the picking process. The patent pending system design provides a safe environment for the lift operator, inventory and personnel on the warehouse floor when order picking from high elevations. The SAFEPIK system provides an extremely safe and more efficient order fulfillment process, saving both time and cost. The lift operator simply raises the SAFEPIK platform to the desired level for inventory retrieval. The enclosed cargo cab ensures both operator and inventory is secure at all times, eliminating risk of personnel and inventory falls from high elevations. Smaller items are safely picked from a window in the cargo cab or larger items can be picked from the opening between the order picking equipment and the cargo cab itself. When order picking is complete, the operator simply lowers the SAFEPIK to floor level and opens the door for unloading. Rotating two SAFEPIK cargo cabs simultaneously reduces isle traffic to ensure smooth order processing while increasing productivity by fully engaging both personnel and equipment at all times. Engineered for safely moving up to 750 lb. loads, the SAFEPIK consists of a large platform and cargo cab with access door, side window and interior shelf. The 40 X 48-in. base platform, constructed from .187-in. steel, features a steel pallet retention stringer for the order-picking clamp. The totally enclosed cargo cab provides approximately 84 cubic feet of interior space for maximized load capacity and reduced off-load trips. A bright safety-yellow powder coat frame features .500 X 3.50-in. long cutouts for high visibility and improved sight lines. A full size access door, with burst-proof latch to secure contents, ensures quick offloading. A large 21 X 24-in. drop down window made from shatterproof polycarbonate with exterior safety latch allows for easy picking or unloading from within the cargo cab. An interior shelf measuring 21 X 37-in., secured with a barrel bolt, has a 200-lb. capacity for convenient organizing of inventory.