Smallest Safety-Approved 1 Watt DC/DC Converter

May 1, 2007
Miniature SIP Packaged Device is World’s Smallest Safety Approved 1 Watt DC/DC Converter ? Miniature design with UL60950 safety approval ? Reinforced insulation system ? Advanced construction with up to 0.42W/cm3 power density ? 5.2kVDC isolation C&D Technologies has extended its NMJ series of low power DC/DC Converters to include eight new single output models. The devices are reportedly the world’s smallest UL60950 safety standard approved 1W converters. The NMJ series is housed in fully encapsulated, UL 94V-0 rated, 7-pin SIP packages with a footprint of just 1.91cm2, making them ideal for use in applications that demand a miniature, safety approved solution. With reinforced system of insulation the NMJ is production tested at 5.2kVDC. Operation at full 1W load, without heatsinking, is possible between -40ºC and +60ºC. The single and dual output (with power sharing) DC/DC Converters use an advanced internal SMD construction and toroidal magnetics to help them achieve a power density of up to 0.42W/cm3. The complete NMJ series provides engineers with a choice of 5V or 12V inputs. Available outputs are 5V, 9V and 15V. Up to 11 million hours calculated MTTF makes the NMJ ideal for usage in high reliability, long life applications. The RoHS compliant NMJ series offers pin and functional compatibility with the C&D’s NMV series of SIP DC/DC Converters, giving designers upgradeability for systems requiring safety agency recognition.# RoHS compliant and UL60950 recognized # Power density 0.42W/cm3 # Wide temperature performance at full 1 watt load, -40°C to 60°C # Single and dual outputs # UL 94V-0 package material # Footprint 1.91cm2 # SIP package style; No heatsink required # 5.2kVDC isolation # 3V, 5V & 12V input # 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V and 15V output # Internal SMD construction # Custom solutions available