Next Generation Inspection Sensors

May 16, 2007

The Checker 200 series models are just as simple to set up as the Checker 101, but are much more capable and small enough to fit almost anywhere.

The Checker 200 series inspection sensors offer built-in lighting, variable working distance, and high-speed inspection capability at rates faster than 6000 parts per minute. Even on the fastest production lines, Checker can inspect multiple part features and deliver reliable, precisely timed, pass/fail results.

All Checker 200 series inspection sensors have a rugged IP67 housing and quick disconnect cables, as well as encoder-based part tracking, I/O and high-speed USB connectivity. The Checker 200 series includes the Checker 201 which is ideal for part finding and inspection, and the Checker 202 which includes all the features of the 201, plus ladder logic for custom configurations.


  • Detects parts by finding an actual feature such as a product graphic
  • Checks features that other sensors cannot such as a code printed on a label
  • Inspects multiple part features simultaneously such as candies in a blister pack
  • Overcomes varying part positions on the line without requiring precise part handling