Innovative Shaft Collars with Clamp Levers

May 25, 2007
With demanding applications, design engineers require a wide assortment of shaft collars. In response to this need, MISUMI USA, Inc. offers an assortment of shaft collar shape types such as those with a set screw, side mounting hole, inside screw, which is a clamping cap screw, and collars with a built-in damper. Other shape types include D-shape, slit shape as well as the 2-piece separate shape and the fixing bearing shape, which locks in place the inner race of the rotary bearing. One of the most unique and useful MISUMI shaft collars is the clamp lever type. Available in a variety of sizes, the MISUMI shaft collars with clamp levers feature an innovative design that requires no tools, which allows for easy maintenance and installation. This design also allows for a great range of application needs to be quickly and efficiently met. Furthermore, 1045 steel with black oxide and electroless nickel plating as well as 304 stainless steel are available in most shapes. Also, 2017 aluminum with clear anodizing, black anodizing and resin is available in some shapes. In total, MISUMI offers 138 types of shaft collars through its various shape, material and surface finish combinations. In addition, some of the most popular MISUMI shaft collars feature selectable lengths and allow the inside diameter to be selected in sizes from 3 millimeter up to 50 millimeter. MISUMI shaft collars are all compatible with MISUMI linear shafts and rotary shafts, with many offering designs and features that were developed from customer requests.