One M1Gauge Can Replace three or more 0.25% Mechanical Gauges

May 19, 2007
Crystal Engineering Corporation, a leading pressure instrumentation company, has developed the M1, a new digital pressure gauge that can replace several mechanical gauges. The M1 is easy to use and delivers precision and performance at an affordable price. M1 gauges are rated in percent of reading - like deadweight testers - but unlike deadweight testers, they're not affected by ambient temperature (or local gravity). M1's are fully temperature compensated, so the accuracy is the same over the entire operating temperature range, and they can be used to measure vacuum. “Because the rating is "of reading" - one M1 can often replace three or more 0.25% mechanical gauges!” says Tom Halaczkiewicz, President of Crystal Engineering Corporation. The M1 digital pressure gauge has 0.2% of reading accuracy. All M1 gauges are tested and calibrated inside environmental test chambers using computer controlled pressure controllers. They are CE certified and are manufactured under a ISO 9001 registered quality system. “Our pressure equipment are very rugged. All M1’s come with a protective thermo plastic boot,” says Tom. The display is protected by a hard polycarbonate/polyester blend lens, and the sensor is all welded stainless steel. A replaceable filter in the sensor keeps out debris. Unlike mechanical pressure gauges, M1's have the ability to survive being dropped and subjected to large over-pressure events with no change in calibration. The housing and boot are compatible with many industrial fluids including Skydrol®