Andax Spill Control System™

May 30, 2007
Introducing the new Andax Spill Control System™! Its color-coding enables you to identify a spill and attack it with the best Spill Pac available. These portable Pacs hang on a rugged Pac Rac™ for staging your Spill Pacs where you need them the most. Each Pac comes with a highly visible 2" x 4" color-coded label you can place on machinery or equipment for which you need a specific spill control product. For example, you may need a Battery Acid Pac for your forklift. You place a magenta-colored, Battery Acid label on the outside of the battery compartment of your forklift. This eliminates time and confusion in determining which Andax Spill Pac is the right Pac to use for the spill. Each Spill Pac contains spills up to ten gallons and prevents larger spills from spreading. They are vacuum-packed in a tough, foil-laminated bag so they're tamper-evident and guaranteed ready to use on any spill. The 18" x 18" x 3" deep size allows it to be stored in places where other spill kits won't fit. Andax Pacs are ideal for cleaning up chemical/hazmat leaks and spills, battery acid and other caustic liquids, oil and oil-based fluids or even plain old water. We can also customize your Pac to fit your needs; including PPE suits, gloves, goggles or almost anything else you want or need in your Spill Pac - and that's a fact! • Absorbent Capacity: Up to 10 gallons • Contents: 20 - 17” x 19” Sorbent Pads (covers up to 45 sq. ft) 3 - 3” x 48” Sorb-Sox™ (12 ft) 1 pr. nitrile gloves 1 XL disposal bag (38” x 56” x 5 mil.) with nylon tie 1 chemical resistant/fire retardant suit 1 warning label 100' "Caution, Do Not Enter" barrier tape • Qty per Carton : 3 sacs • Size : 18” L x 18” W x 4” Thick