PowerGuard - Power Disconnect Switch

April 17, 2018
Conductix-Wampfler’s PowerGuard system is for multi-crane runways to provide a safe zone without shutting down the entire runway.

The PowerGuard system is engineered for multi-crane runways to provide a safe zone for servicing cranes without shutting down the entire runway.


Designed for your specific application, the installation is quick and easy.  We provide you with all the switches, already mounted in the cabinet, along with the wiring diagram.


Safety is always a top priority whenever you perform maintenance duties on your machine.  PowerGuard makes sure that whatever section you want to shut off power to will never accidentally re-energize. This is done by using the PowerGuard switching system with Power Interrupting Sections.  Power Interrupting Sections are modules that are electrically isolated from one another. This ensures the safety of your maintenance zone.

  • 100 to 600A Capacity
  • Grounded maintenance zone
  • Designed for the application
  • Three switch sets for safe operation
  • Single-handle or Kirk Key design for error free operation
  • Dual visual voltage indicators and test points
  • Personnel safety
  • Simple switch
  • Real maintenance zone isolation
  • Complies with lock-out/tag-out procedures