TAC Air Valves Offer Range of Simple Machine and Equipment Control Options

June 9, 2007
Humphrey TAC Air Valves and Air Piloted Operators offer simple, flexible non-electronic options for a range of machine and equipment controls. The valves are available in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way spring return configurations and 4-way detented configurations. The valves can be operated by their manual push button(s), a range of mechanical operators, or by a variety of air pilot operators that convert an air signal into mechanical action. The operators thread directly onto the TAC valves and are available in four styles: Straight Air, with Snap Action to delay actuation until pressure reaches the set point, with Reset to provide a momentary "one shot" output signal and then reset even with a pilot signal present, or with a combination of snap action and automatic reset. The valves can be mounted in any position, in-line or panel mounted. Humphrey TAC valves feature air energized seal construction to reduce friction for smooth performance and long service life, with brass bodies and stainless steel components. The valves have a working pressure range from 0 to 125 psig, a temperature range from -20º to +180º F, and can operate at speeds up to 900 CPM.