Industry’s First 80 x 80 x 80mm CR Type Cooling Fan; Boasts Highest Airflow and Static Pressure Capabilities

June 7, 2007
Sanyo Denki, a leading provider of high-quality fan motors, has introduced the industry’s first counter-rotating cooling fan that measures 80 millimeters (3.15 inches) square by 80mm thick.  Available in 12-volt S-speed and H-speed models, the new San Ace 80CR series DC cooling fans are designed for use in servers, storage systems, communications equipment, power supplies, and a variety of industrial machinery.          The San Ace 80CR models boast the highest airflow and static pressure capabilities in the industry – made possible by two axially aligned fans rotating counter-clockwise to each other.  With newly developed blades and frame that improve overall performance, the result is a maximum airflow of 4.53m3/min and static pressure as high as 520Pa – an increase of as much as 68% and 73%, respectively, over conventional units.  Power consumption is as low as 43.2 watts, minimum noise generation of 68dB, and L10 life expectancy is 40,000 hours at 60ºC.  In addition, the cooling fan is RoHS compliant.           Optional features include tachometer sensor and lock rotor sensor outputs, as well as PWM (pulse-width-modulation) control, which permits the fans’ rotational speed to be widely and accurately controlled in order to attenuate noise and power consumption.• Size: 80mm × 80mm × 38mm • Operating Voltage Range: 10.8 V to 13.2 V • Rated Voltage: DC12 V • Mass: Approx.220 g