June 7, 2007
Magnatag's® latest version of its RotoCube® Rotating Board Tower provides a solution for displaying whiteboard and bulletin board information where it will get attention in high-traffic areas that lack appropriate wall display space. The 19” square, free-standing, patented 78” high RotoCube board tower now features a changeable marquee top for flexible use in various departments and presentations. The RotoCube also silently rotates in either direction with a finger-touch to display information on four sides that total 24 square feet of display space – the equivalent of a four by six foot hanging board. "Whiteboards and bulletin boards provide instantly accessible, around-the-clock visible news and information and are most effective when displayed in high-traffic areas where people gather, pass by, work, eat, meet or relax. Unfortunately these areas often lack sufficient wall space to display a board where it will be the most useful,” says Wally Krapf, founder and president of Magnatag Visible Systems and inventor of the RotoCube board tower. "RotoCube's 24 square feet of whiteboard and bulletin board space in a 19 inch square footprint positions information exactly where it is most likely to get people's attention so they will stop, rotate it and read it. The unique design lets several people view it at once without crowding.” RotoCube can be ordered with any combination of 22 different side panels including plain or printed dry-erase magnetic whiteboards, cork or fabric bulletin boards, calendars, document display jackets, lined charts, file racks or custom-designed panels to meet the needs of any office, business, factory or institutional environment. RotoCube arrives ready-to-use right out of the box, complete with removable line tape, press-on die-cut letters and dry erase pens, allowing users to customize the displays to meet their needs. Also available from Magnatag is a massive selection of task and industry-specific magnetic printed whiteboard kits and information display products, and an exceptional selection of colored magnets, cardholders and other components that make it easy for both managers and employees to see the status quickly and easily on virtually any type of project, ongoing or planned activity.