June 7, 2007
A full line of ESD (electro-static dissipative) vacuum suction cups that are designed for end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) systems to safely handle PC boards is available from Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts. Anver Nomastat™ ESD Vacuum Suction Cups feature a static dissipating value of 97 KO*cm @500 V and are capable of bleeding off static charges through a ground; either built into the EOAT system or a machine. Designed for high speed production applications, these ESD-safe vacuum suction cups are molded from a proprietary elastomer and can withstand up to 400°F. Suitable for all types of pick-and-place equipment, Anver Nomastat™ ESD Vacuum Suction Cups are offered in flat-, single-, and multi-bellows shapes in standard sizes from 1/8” to 2” O.D. They are effective anywhere static buildup is a problem or an explosion-proof requirement exists. Anver Nomastat™ ESD Vacuum Suction Cups are priced according to style, size, and quantity. Samples, literature, and quotations are available on request.