Compact OMP60 Machine Tool Probe Simple and Fast to Install

May 26, 2007
Renishaw’s new generation OMP60 machine tool probe makes it easy to bring in-process probing advantages to machine tools for just-in-time and lean manufacturing operations. A 360-degree infrared optical transmission system with a range of up to 6 meters allows probe operation in any spindle orientation, enabling application on a wide range of multi-axis machining centers and mill-turn machines. The OMP60 combines compact size with battery-power and optical transmission for simple machine tool installation. Miniaturized electronics, evolved from the highly successful OMP40 probe, allow a unit measuring just 63 mm diameter by 76 mm long for great application versatility. The new probe offers high-speed operation in single touch or double touch probing routines. OMP60 probing makes possible automated "done in one" processing on machine tools capable of multiple operations and multi-face/axis processing without refixturing. In-process probing automatically resets machine coordinates for changing processes, axes and part faces, and enables in-process measurement feedback and compensation, all without operator intervention.Simplified system installation and setup make the OMP60 especially effective for retrofitting to machine tools without existing probing. User-programmable parameters for multiple turn-on/turn-off options make the OMP60 simple to optimize for specific machine applications. Renishaw’s proven trigger logic, a unique and simple programming method, allows users to program probe options without accessing probe internals. This eliminates the risk of subsequent damage due to coolant and debris ingress. The OMP60 can be combined with the new OMI-2 integrated receiver and interface, enabling state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission providing highest resistance to light interference. First in a new generation of optical transmission probes, the OMP60 is compatible with existing OMM/ MI12 and OMI receivers, enabling use in place of MP7, MP8, MP9 and MP10 probe systems. The OMP60 accepts readily available AA lithium batteries. At typical levels of probe use, a battery-life in excess of 6 months can be expected, minimizing machine downtime and maintenance costs. Designed to withstand the harshest machine tool environments, the OMP60 features IPX8 standard sealing and high resistance to false triggering induced by shock and vibration.