Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) reduces the amount of coolant used TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders – Ready for MQL

June 5, 2007

Upon request, TENDO Hydraulic Toolholders from SCHUNK can be modified for MQL applications. MQL is a metering technique that reduces the amount of coolant used to a minimum. Coolant consumption can be reduced to 0.01 gal/hour. The coolant is injected or sprayed into the working area between the tool and workpiece. The internal design of the toolholder components resemble a spray nozzle system. The coolant-air mixture is sprayed into the contact area of the cutting tool reducing friction and temperature. This evaporative process along with the flow of compressed air provides additional cooling of the tool.

Use of the MQL system results in a virtually coolant-free process. The coolant evaporates almost completely in the working area. In perfectly adjusted systems, swarf, workpiece and tools remain almost completely dry.

MQL can be used in applications where friction needs to be reduced through the application of coolant. This process is ideal for drilling, deep hole drilling, milling, threading and turning.

The toolholder itself has a very important function in a successfully applied MQL system. The tool must be securely clamped while a constant flow of coolant is maintained from the spindle to the end of the tool. So called „dead areas“ or pockets inside the toolholder must be prevented. Minimum run-out and high repeating accuracy as well as high clamping forces and balance quality are imperative requirements for an MQL suitable toolholder.