New Calibration Software Family for Efficient Calibration Asset Management

June 22, 2007
Computer-aided calibration management is becoming more and more common for managing calibration information and calibration assets in the process industry. Tough requirements set by regulatory authorities and quality systems, the need for improving calibration-related work productivity and efficiency, as well as the need to increase system automation; all support the use of calibration software instead of manual “pen and paper” –based systems for managing calibration assets. Beamex is a forerunner in developing high-quality calibration equipment and software, and the new Beamex CMX calibration software family is a culmination of the 30 years experience Beamex has from working hand in hand with calibration professionals worldwide. The new products in the Beamex CMX family include CMX Light, CMX Professional and CMX Enterprise. They are developed to meet various purposes. Choose the calibration software that best meets your needs “The new Beamex CMX calibration software family is the most complete range of calibration software products available in the market”, explains Jan-Henrik Svensson, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Beamex Group. CMX Light is easy-to-use calibration software for a single workstation. It is the calibration solution for all large and mid-sized companies that wish for advanced, yet simple to use, calibration software. CMX Professional is calibration software with unlimited possibilities. It is suitable for large and mid-sized companies, which require an advanced and efficient calibration system that meets demanding and specific requirements (e.g. ISO 17025, cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11). CMX Enterprise is an all-in-one calibration solution for large companies. One floating installation of CMX Enterprise and all plants can share the same system and database worldwide. With any of the CMX calibration software products, a company can manage various different calibration quantities such as pressure, temperature, electrical, indicators, recorders, mass, pH, length and flow. Beamex calibration software improves both the quality and productivity of a calibration system Beamex CMX is calibration software that delivers real value to the customer by improving the productivity and quality of the company’s entire calibration system. “According to our recent customer study, 90% of CMX customers state that using Beamex products has improved the efficiency of their calibration procedures”, Sami Koskinen, the Software & Services Product Manager of Beamex, explains the benefits of the CMX. Productivity is improved for instance by the automated calibration procedures and paperless documentation of calibration information. These results are also achieved faster and with greater accuracy compared to “pen and paper” based systems. Making conclusions, improving operations and analyzing calibration results is also much easier with the CMX. As the Beamex CMX calibration software is designed to meet the requirements of several quality standards and regulatory authorities, it has already gained wide popularity in companies within industries such as power and energy, oil and gas, and especially pharmaceutical.