New Heavy Duty Gear Keeper® Retracting Instrument Tether™

July 12, 2007
The innovators at Hammerhead Industries, Inc. recognize the importance of keeping expensive and vital instruments safely right where you can reach them — from gas detectors and bar code scanners to PDAs — these are not pieces of equipment you want to have to worry about while on the job. That’s why the company created the latest addition to the renowned Gear Keeper® product line — the new Heavy Duty Gear Keeper® Instrument Tether™. Rugged, compact and reliable, this spring-loaded, self-retracting security system prevents loss or damage of critical gear during work or recreation, and can easily withstand the stress that these heavier instruments can produce. The new Heavy Duty Gear Keeper Instrument Tether (model # RT3-7612), designed specifically for volatile environments, mounts securely to the wearer’s belt, providing a low-profile tethering system that avoids snags and snaps back securely every time. It also features a 360-degree rotating clamp-on belt clip and a dual-axis rotation option with 180 degrees of swing-away from the body, so the wearer can enjoy ease of use in a variety of directions, while minimizing cable wear. Gear Keeper’s exclusive Quick Connect System allows instruments to swiftly detach from the retractor when needed, while minimizing tethering length from instrument to the retractor. Plus, the Heavy Duty Gear Keeper Instrument Tether comes with a full 42” of extension, and its sturdy Nylon/Kevlar lines provide retraction forces ranging from 12 oz. Up to 4.2 lbs. This robust and versatile instrument tether can take the punishment from both industrial and personal applications featuring 80 lb. break strength — and is designed with longevity, both in reach and in endurance, in mind.