Precision Flow Measurement in Many Industrial Applications

June 21, 2007
Lustenau, 12.05.2007. KRAL Volumetersâ represent laboratory-standard measurement accuracy under harsh operating conditions, with rapid flow fluctuations and liquid pulsations. Exact measurement KRAL Volumeters are screw spindle flowmeters working on the positive displacement principle. This highly accurate measuring instrument has a measurement precision of ±0.1%. The numerous series cover a wide flow range (0.1 to 7500 l/min), high system pressures up to 630 bar and a vast temperature range of –40°C to +200°C. The screw spindle measurement mechanism used by KRAL Volumeters is not only highly robust and able to withstand the pressure waves of a pulsating column of liquid, but is also able to react quickly to follow rapid changes in the flow rate. The flow profile makes no impression on KRAL Volumeter measurement. Installation is compact and measured values are available over a wide measurement range without flow conditioning. The KRAL BEM 300 and BEM 500 electronic units enhance KRAL Volumeter performance. Because high-quality electronic components and evaluation algorithms are used, the flow values retain their precision on the display and at the signal outputs. The BEM 500 makes use of KRAL calibration values for linearization. Temperature differences and liquid pulsations which can falsify readings are corrected. Precision in many applications The areas of application for KRAL Volumeters are many and diverse. KRAL Volumeter applications include test benches for diesel engines, hydraulic pumps, screw pumps, flowmeters, transmissions and liquid coolant pumps. The flowmeter is always being subjected to test cycles, which the test piece, for example, a hydraulic pump, only has to “survive” once. Pressure surges in the stream of liquid are particularly stressful, such as those that occur when valves are suddenly closed or when checking for leakage. In marine and inland navigation applications, the flowmeter is used as a measuring instrument to measure fuel quantities. Instead of always running the engine at full load, the current fuel consumption can be read on the bridge and the speed of travel and the engine speed can then be coordinated. In the plastics industry, especially in polyurethane processing, KRAL Volumeters are used in metering and plant mixing systems for polyurethane plants. The raw materials of polyurethane have different viscosities and are delivered in different quantities. The measurement principle is not viscosity-dependent and is equally suited to the polyol, the isocyanate and the additives. The reaction of the polyurethane formulation components in the mixing head runs automatically without the opportunity to make checks. The quality of the polyurethane end product depends on the accuracy with which the formulation quantities are dispensed. Highly accurate KRAL Volumeters ensure that the formulations are followed precisely, for perfect polyurethane products. Official guarantee for recalibration KRAL Volumeters give a crucial advantage to customers who have to recalibrate their measuring equipment for reasons of quality assurance. Each KRAL Volumeter is checked and calibrated on our own in-house test bench. Depending on the customer’s need, this can either be a working standard calibration or an Austrian Calibration Service (OEKD) recognized calibration. KRAL’s calibration laboratory is accredited by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor (BMWA). The working standard calibration is the KRAL standard. Specific customer needs, such as adding more measurement points, can be taken into consideration. Volumeters calibrated to the OEKD standard are ISO IEC EN 17025 compliant. The measured values are traceable to national standards. The measurement uncertainty from the national standard to the test piece is specified. KRAL Volumeters are quality products In over fifty years of KRAL AG, the KRAL brand has become a globally recognized name when it comes to pumping and measuring liquids. KRAL Volumeters are subject to the provisions of the EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Our own in-house test benches are used to test the performance of our measuring instruments to ISO 17025 as well as to calibrate them, enabling us to supply instruments of top production quality and precision. With the KRAL Volumeter, KRAL is concentrating on flowmeters that work according to the traditional operating principle of positive displacement meters. In today’s trendy electronic measuring instrument environment, KRAL innovation is consistently developing the Volumeter and giving the market high-precision measuring instruments with laboratory-standard measurement accuracy.