Pressure-Sensitive Envelopes Feature Flexible, Easy Open-Close Closure

June 27, 2007
A line of adhesive-backed packing list style envelopes featuring a Velcro® brand closure that is easy to open and close and will not trap moisture introduced by Jannel Packaging, Inc. of Holbrook, Massachusetts. Pressure-Sensitive Envelopes feature a Velcro® brand closure that simply presses together to seal, pulls apart to open, and breathes to prevent moisture from being trapped. Ideal for a variety of applications, they can be used to attach documents, manuals, packing lists, warnings, and spare parts to a wide range of instruments, products, tools, and equipment. Unlike Ziploc® style plastic-on-plastic closures, Janstrip™ Pressure-Sensitive Envelopes do not have to be exactly lined up to seal and will not trap moisture. Offered in sizes from 4” to 15” sq., they are flexible and forgiving, can be re-opened and closed repeatedly, and allow products to protrude partially if necessary. Janstrip™ Pressure-Sensitive Envelopes are priced according to configur-ation and quantity; available in low minimums, depending upon style. Free samples and price quotations are provided upon request.