Three, Four or Five Axis MiniMAX Machining Centers

July 18, 2007
Intertech Worldwide Corporation announces the new MiniMAX 3, 4 or 5-Axis vertical machining centers to offering a working cube of 17.7” (X) x 13.7” (Y) and a standard table size of 21.6 x 11.8 “. The MiniMAX has a machine base of massive cast-iron construction with full splash safety guarding. The standard spindle is a BT 30 (BT40 optional) supplied with an umbrella style utilizing a 10 tool ATC featuring 6 sec. change speed. An optional 20 tool arm ATC with 1.5 second change is availaable. Standard spindle speed is 12,000 rpm, (24,000 optional) driven by a 7.5 hp servomotor with direct-coupled servomotors for control of axis movements. Distance of spindle nose to table surface: 3.94” to 17.71. Other standard features include an auto lube system and a coolant pump, an air cooling system for the electronics, a spindle air blast for the tool holders and a spindle air blower. The user-friendly PC Control is an Advanced High Performance Control with a 10-1/2” flat color monitor capable of 6-axis simultaneous interpolation. The programs are compatible with Fanuc and other programs using standard "G" codes and "M" functions. Programs can be added or retrieved using a RS232 connection. Up to 128 programs can be stored in the control regardless of length. Standard machine is supplied with linear ways. Box ways are optional. The software includes many user-friendly programming aids including the following: All "G" codes & "M" functions with explanations, all canned cycles feature "fill in the blank" type conversational menus, graphics with zoom enlargement, history of the last 200 entries, and parallel programming (MDI of a new program while running another program). • working cube of 17.7" (X) x 13.7" (Y) • standard table size of 21.6" x 11.8 ".