Stylish Pull Knobs Expand Aesthetic Options or Cabinet and Enclosure Doors

July 19, 2007
Southco introduces a new line of Point MP-pull knobs that use identical finishes, color options, and flange designs to coordinate with existing Southco® MP Point latches for installations where aesthetics are every bit as important as functionality. Both the pull knobs and matching flush-mount push-to-close Point latches provide the choice of oval, round, and square flanges, offering stylish and practical options for recreational vehicles, marine cabin interiors, furniture, medical equipment and other enclosure applications. An indented contour on each knob provides a convenient grip for both pull-open and slide-open applications. In either operation, knobs may also be combined with simple, hidden snap-style or catch-style latches to create space-saving, money-saving options for fastening doors shut. For maximum flexibility, pull knobs and their corresponding flanges are ordered separately, enabling end users to create different color combinations that best match or complement their installation design. Both components feature durable die-cast construction and are available in a variety of metallic and powder-coated finishes—polished or satin chrome, brushed or satin nickel, diamond brass, and black or white powder coating. A tapped hole on the bottom of each knob provides for easy installation, requiring only a single mounting hole and either an M4 or 8-32 threaded machine screw. Blind installation from the back of the door panel presents a clean exterior look for the knob and flange. User-supplied screws permit easy adaptation to any panel thickness, by using a screw that is .25" (6.4 mm) longer than the panel thickness.• Plastic housing and cover with chrome-, brass-, or satin-plated metal flange and knob • Alignment tab permits installation in a drilled 1" round hole with 1/8" drilled keyed slot, or in a double-D hole • Pawl engages keeper firmly whether pull knob is retracted or exposed • Accommodates a range of panel thickness, from 2 mm to 25.4 mm (0.1" to 1.0") • Slammable in both latched and unlatched positions