Aluminum Hybrid Polyurea Coating Improves Aesthetics and Performance of Roofing and Exterior Coating Projects

July 19, 2007
Chemline Inc. announced its aluminum-colored roof coating to improve the solar reflectivity, long term performance and waterproofing. The new coating, CHEMTHANE 6100, is a solvent-free (100% solids/Zero VOC) spray-applied, fast cure (<15 seconds cure to touch) hybrid polyurea. According to the manufacturer, CHEMTHANE 6100 also offers some exceptional benefits, such as mold/fungus resistance and a broad application window thanks to the single coat/high build capabilities and the polyurea product’s chemical composition. The coating’s aluminum coloring is made with a propriety formulation that is engineered to boast the UV stability of this aromatic coating. With the addition of the aluminum colorant, the service life of the coating is also significantly increased. The company also points to the low reflectivity rating of CHEMTHANE 6100 (0.52 – 0.62) which is superior to traditional black, low slope roofing materials. These reflectivity rating are also in line with the requirements of the Energy Star Program and California Title 24. This coating has a high tensile strength (1500 psi) and 250% elongation to withstand the rigorous thermal conditions of a roofing or other exterior environment. CHEMTHANE 6100 has been developed for use as a top coating for spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing, concrete, Built-Up Roofing (BUR) systems, single-ply (sheet) roofing and steel. Primers may be required for some application depending on the service conditions and environmental exposure.