Ohm-Stat™ CT-8900 Combination Data Tester now offers Foreign Language and Visual Caricature Display capability.

Aug. 6, 2007
The Ohm-Stat™ CT-8900 is the first combination tester to measure, record, print, and email supervisors the exact resistivity value of each heelgrounder and wriststrap. The foolproof tester measures each foot and wrist strap individually and simultaneously in less than 3 seconds of 30,000 employees. New improvements to Ohm-Stat™ CT-8900 make it the only combination tester to recognize most world languages and guide users through the proper test procedure with a visual, no word, display. The Ohm-Stat™ CT-8900 conforms to EOS/ESD 20.20 standards. Unique Ohm-Stat™ CT-8900 features make it a necessary tool to properly test and document employees and visitors in protected ESD areas: - Built in ESD course capability - Resistance values and mode of failure are displayed on the monitor in the user’s preferred language. - Magnetic stripe (1, 2,or three line), barcode (including infrared), and proximity (including HID, CASI-RUSCO, Indala, AWID, and Motorola) readers are accepted. - Test results are easily downloaded via Access, Excel, or Oracle or emailed to supervisors. - Multiple reports, including ‘individual department’, ‘exception’, ‘daily’, ‘monthly’, etc., are available for an easy to read, comprehensive, organization of test results. - Networkable.• Dimensions4.0 in. wide x 7.5 in. long x 1.5 in. thick (9.5 cm x 15.24 cm x 3.8 cm) • Weight10 ozs. (.284 kg) • Power Supply9 volt battery (IEC6F22) or 12 volt DC adapter • Test Voltage19 volts DC +/- (open circuit) • Environment32°- 100°F (0°- 37°C) : 0% - 85% RH