Advantech, a global leader in embedded solutions and services is delighted to announce the release of the most compact embedded computers on the market—the ARK-1000 series. These small, powerful all-in-one fanless systems are designed for rugged and space-critical applications in automation control and wireless gateway applications. A solid-sealed aluminum case provides vibration and water resistance and also functions as a passive cooling solution.


The ARK-1000 series provides System Integrators with a turnkey solution and versatile application development path without breaking the bank or missing time-to-market deadlines. Versatile Computing The ARK-1000 series Compact Embedded Computers allow integrators to put scalable computing power exactly where it’s needed. These computers feature AMD Geode to Intel Core Duo processors, along with flexible storage and connectivity, from multiple gigabit Ethernet and COM ports to wireless connectivity and highly capable graphics sub-systems—all with flexible I/O configurations and long-life product support.


The ARK-1000 systems can be mounted inside machinery or other equipment. They can also be standalone, wall-mounted, DIN-rail mounted or VESA mounted. The series accepts a wide range of power supplies (DC power in) and comes in a footprint of only 7 x 2 x 5 in. The rugged cast aluminum case not only provides great protection from EMI, shock/vibration, dust, cold, and heat but also offers a passive cooling solution for quiet fanless operation.