Sept. 20, 2007
A new line of Southco® PT tubular-key cam locks brings a higher level of security to the simplicity of cam lock applications. It features the enhanced performance of a 7-pin tumbler lock design and tubular keys to provide an affordable solution to make it more difficult to compromise the lock. Multiple housing and cam options make it easy to satisfy a wide variety of enclosure door configurations in applications ranging from industrial, electronics, or medical equipment to consumer applications such as furniture, recreation vehicles, or vending equipment in self-service environments. This product line combines the durability of die-cast zinc housings with the attractiveness of a chrome-plated finish. Five separate housing sizes are available to fit door thicknesses up to 28.9 mm (1.14 inches). When matched with multiple straight- and offset-cam options, they satisfy grip dimensions (the distance from the face of the door to the point of cam engagement) ranging from as small as 6.4 mm (.250 inches) to as large as 42.8 mm (1.687 inches). Standard cams without a hook are suitable for swinging-door applications. Cams with an integrated hook are available for sliding-door applications. The locks can be specified for key removal in the locked position only, or for key removal in both the locked and unlocked positions. Users can choose among keyed alike, keyed differently or thousands of potential custom key code configurations. This family of cam locks is rated for an average ultimate load of 645N (145lbf) on the cam. Models are available for clockwise or counter-clockwise operation, to accommodate left-hand and right-hand opening doors. They install easily, using single mounting-hole panel preparation similar to other Southco cam locks. • Maximum static load on cam is 180 N (40 lbf)