Tru-Vue™ Background Suppression Sensors Ideal for Tight Confines and High Changeover Environments

Nov. 16, 2007
Pepperl+Fuchs has added a background suppression model to its family of Tru-VueTM photoelectric sensors. Tru-Vue background suppression sensors have a 50 mm sensing range and deliver consistent target detection regardless of target color and reflectivity, with detection unaffected by shiny machine panels or other background objects. These sensors also eliminate the expense and installation time of reflectors or thru-beam alignment. “Due to their compact size and simple installation and operation, Tru-Vue background suppression sensors are a cost effective solution for high changeover applications in the packaging, converting, material handling, assembly and automotive industries. And at just 29mm deep they are flexible enough to be mounted in tight confines where conventional 18mm cylindrical sensors simply won’t fit,” says Jeff Allison, Pepperl+Fuchs Photoelectric Product Manager. Tru-Vue background suppression sensors deliver tamper-proof operation in industry-standard housings, with versatile side-mount or snout-mount options to satisfy various application needs. Additionally, enhanced 360° LEDs provide power, output and diagnostic status indication in all directions, even from poor vantage points. One of their most significant user benefits for all Tru-Vue models is Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive 4-in-1TM output, which automatically detects the connected load and sinks or sources as needed. The result is significantly simplified sensor selection and stocking, as well as reduced installation time and cost. • SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT – NO • BACKGROUND SUPPRESSION - FROM 65 MM • BLACK/WHITE DIFFERENTIAL* - ? 10% • REFERENCE TARGET - 100 X 100 MM BLACK TEST CARD • SUPPLY VOLTAGE - 10-30 VDC • RESPONSE TIME - ? 1.0 MS • SWITCHING FREQUENCY - 500 HZ • LIGHT SPOT DIAMETER - ? 3MM AT A RANGE OF 50 MM. • LIGHT BEAM ANGLE - ? 4º • LIGHT SOURCE - VISIBLE RED LED 640 NM • WEIGHT - 1.4 OZ