Custom Upper Frames Add To Cart Flexibility

Nov. 14, 2007
Cleveland-based Kinetic Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of material handling systems for forklift free operations, has released a new line of standard carts for part presentation that easily adapts to a variety of custom upper frames commonly used in production operations. Carts are available with a choice of two popular deck sizes (37.5” x 37.5” or 49.5” x 49.5”), fixed or rotational configurations, under frame lift pockets, 4 or 6 wheel MPPTM (modified pivot point) systems and 1500 lb. capacity. The carts provide a standardized, rugged industrial platform for the mounting of upper frames. Upper frames may be built with modular tube kits or formed steel sheet and wire that bolt to the deck and can be interchangeable. Most configurations are possible including stationary racks, gravity flow racks, “Christmas tree” racks, rollout shelves and book frame racks. Carts are typically exchanged or inserted line-side allowing operators to work ergonomically from the units with no packaging to handle.