Free Sensor Giveaway

Oct. 11, 2007
Moore Industries is giving away a free WORM flexible RTD or thermocouple sensor to any qualified user that wants one. The offer includes a choice of a thermocouple or RTD sensor, 24 in. of extension wire, and an installation kit with all the necessary mounting components, including a spring, spacers and a clip. The free WORM sensor will fit into virtually all new or existing thermowells with a 0.260 in. ID. To obtain a free WORM sensor, go to , fill out the form, and hit SEND. Because the WORM is a flexible sensor, it can fit into existing thermowells that have problems, such as caked debris or those that are “sagging” from exposure to extreme heat. In many cases, conventional rigid sensors cannot be installed in such thermowells, and the thermowell itself has to be replaced. The WORM also simplifies maintenance procedures, because a WORM can be “cut to fit” any application. A maintenance tech no longer has to take a dozen different rigid sensors into the field in hopes of finding one that fits; instead, he or she can take a single WORM and trim it to fit almost any length thermowell. This also simplifies spare parts inventories at a plant. “We are convinced that users will buy WORM sensors once they realize how versatile and accurate they are, and how much the WORM can save them in maintenance time and spare parts inventories,” says Scott Saunders, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Moore Industries. “The WORM sells itself, once a user gives it a try. For that reason, we are offering a free WORM sensor to any customer that is interested in solving their sensor headaches.”