Rechargeable QuieTunes™, AM/FM Ear Muffs

Dec. 7, 2007
Elvex new generation of AM/FM radio ear muffs comes with many additional features: • Rechargeable model used “memory free” Nickel Metal Hydrate batteries, that may be recharged before the batteries are exhausted. Batteries are easily replaceable, and the headset comes with a 120V charger. • The headset allows use of regular alkaline batteries in an emergency. • The headset is equipped with an auxiliary input jack, so that you may connect your i-Pod or MP3 player. • All components for QuieTunes 660 have been designed specifically for this model, and this has resulted in a contemporary and functional product. The electronics has been separated from the hearing protection cavities, in order to avoid the problems associated with moisture and sweat affecting the life span of the electronics. • A sensitive radio offers FM and AM reception, so that you may listen to music, your favorite sports team or talk radio show. • Just in case you forget to turn off your radio headset, we have assured that you do not come back to a dead unit, by incorporating an automatic four-hour shutoff. • The sound generated by the speakers is limited to a safe level with the use of a gain limiter. • Independent testing established a Noise Reduction Rating of 22 dB, and 27 dB SNR.