Flexible Latex Rubber Tubing Withstands Repeated Bending, Stretching, & Pulsating Forces

Dec. 4, 2007
Now available from NewAge® Industries is natural latex rubber tubing for applications requiring repeated flexing and stretching. Long used in the health care industry, it has expanded into the food, toy, instrumentation, exercise equipment, and sporting goods fields. Known for its extreme flexibility, latex is among the most elastic rubber materials in use today. Resiliency is another quality of latex tubing, allowing it to maintain memory after repeated elongation, distortion, and pulsation. NewAge’s latex tubing, called Newtex, also withstands repeated sterilization with steam, Ethylene Oxide, or gamma radiation. There are no added plasticizers, coagulants, or fillers to migrate and contaminate the stream or cause tube hardening. Newtex remains flexible even at cold temperatures approaching -60°F (-51°C). Newtex is made from pure, liquid, natural latex. The tubing is seamless, uniform, and smooth for maximum flow. All ingredients are non-toxic and conform to FDA standards. NewAge Industries stocks Newtex in eighteen sizes, ranging from .063” to .750” I.D., for same-day or JIT (Just In Time) shipment. A variety of fittings and clamps are also carried. Synthetic latex, or polyisoprene, tubing is offered as a custom item. It is made without the allergen-causing protein found in natural latex.