Dec. 11, 2007
Spiroflow Systems, Inc. offers a Bulk Bag Discharger providing controllable discharge by volume of poor flowing materials without wastage or spillage for increased productivity and a cleaner work environment. The ‘Spiroflow' Universal Type 2 Bulk Bag Discharger (BBD) controls the flow by means of a highly accurate, highly repeatable integral flexible screw conveyor. Directly coupled to the base of the bulk bag discharger, the flexible screw conveyor meters the flow of big bag contents to the customer’s process vessel. The Spiroflow Type 2 Bulk Bag Discharger is well-suited for all big bag types, with sizes up to six feet high and up to two tons in weight. A dust control connection facilitates connection to the factory dust extraction system or to a local dust collector integral with the BBD. The bag is lifted by forklift truck on to the bulk bag support frame. Spring-loaded arms gradually raise and tension the bag during emptying to ensure complete discharge of the product. The arms also prevent the bag spout or liner from sagging or fouling the take off conveyor. Bags sit on a substantial support dish through which the neck of the bag passes in to the dust cabinet below. A membrane in the dish ensures that there is a seal between the bottom of the bag and the dust cabinet. An operator unties the bag through an access door in the dust cabinet, which is above the discharge chute leading to the conveyor below. Once the bag is untied and the cabinet door is closed, discharge takes place dust-free. An optional pneumatically operated massage system is available to assure the consistent flow of difficult products or products that have become compacted during storage or transportation. There are 3 types of massages available: side, base and corner. These can be used individually or together. Trials determine the optimum combination. Massager positions are adjustable in any case - should the nature of the product change. Spiroflow’s powder handling expertise ensures a transfer method from BBD to process best suited to each customer’s product, whether it is by way of the integral flexible screw conveyor mentioned previously or an aeromechanical conveyor, rigid screw conveyor, pneumatically or by vacuum.