color-keyed® KUBE™ connectors multi-tap

Dec. 4, 2007
Thomas & Betts offers the Color-Keyed KUBE Connectors Multi-Tap, a new connection concept to the North American Electrical market. Multi-Tap incorporates KUBE family design features used in all of the KUBE family products, such as KUBE motor disconnects. The new connection concept configures ganged multiple compression taps to provide for multiple connections similar to familiar mechanical products but with higher quality connections that are significantly more flexibility for field installation. Multi-Tap is designed with compression connections for the conductors (not mechanical) eliminating the concern of type of wire used for multiple loads. The multiple tap connections are made with a patented technology that provides for the best current flow resulting in the lowest connection resistance and operating temperature. With the capability of a 360 degree rotation, Multi-Tap’s flexibility and versatility creates thousands of possible connection configurations allowing connections to be faster, easier and more economical. Multi-Tap is the only UL listed and recognized system in the industry for field assembling and crimping products for installations and connections. ck_1_g_multitap_2_ap_ph_hi.jpg Perfect for commercial contractors, specialized entertainment installers and others running multiple loads from a main conductor, users can improve their connections in high temperature environments with the exclusive connect / disconnect technology and performance of Multi-Tap. This system revolutionizes industry “Gutter Tap” applications; as one contractor put it – this is the most advanced and useful product technology we have seen in a long time.