DATUM Algorithm Increases Laser Sensor’s Detection Reliability

Dec. 19, 2007
The Keyence GV Series Digital CMOS Laser Sensor uses a newly developed, innovative DATUM Algorithm to stably detect targets that conventional sensors cannot reliably detect. The GV, an optical triangulation sensor, excels in detecting shiny targets with multiple reflections as well as light absorbing materials such as black rubber.Designed for automatic, in-line sensing applications, the GV detects target presence or absence based on surface characteristics or target height and provides a GO/NG output. Up to four sets of sensors and amplifiers can be utilized for each application. The GV Series includes four IP67 rated sensor head models with detection ranges of 45mm (1.77”), 130mm (5.12”), 450mm (17.72”) and 1000mm (39.37”).The GV uses a larger CMOS pixel size than conventional systems. This enables the sensor to receive a greater quantity of light resulting in highly stable detection and faster response speeds. The GV DATUM Algorithm utilizes an innovative calibration technique in which the received light waveform pattern from a target or background is used to set upper and lower received light limits. Detection is stable even when the targets are moving or the background is unstable causing conditions where the target-to-sensor distance varies.Three detection modes are selectable on the GV Amplifier: An Edge Hold Mode (patent pending) detects sudden changes in workpiece height, a Surface Detection Mode detects the nearest surface, and a Clamp Function which ignores targets too close to the sensor head.The GV Series Amplifier panel incorporates a dynamic, multi-segment bar LED display. The number of Individual LED bars that display red or green confirm the instantaneous detection status. Bars display green when detection is within limits. The number of red bars increase when detection is nearing or is out of the calibration range. Stable Detection of Metal Targets • Stable Detection of Black Targets (Rubber) • Ultra-Long Range up to 1m (39.37") • Tough, Rugged: IP-67 Enclosure Rating