Extensive Line of Metal Knobs

Nov. 30, 2007
Jergens, Inc., known for standard components that exceed industry standards, offers a large inventory of metal knobs for clamping, fastening, operating control, and other applications. Materials include cast iron, steel, and aluminum. Jergens also offers metal knobs with reamed holes, tapped holes, or blanks as part of their large standard inventory, but knobs can be modified per customer requirements in a relatively short time frame. As a partner supplier of off-the-shelf products, Jergens provides faster turnaround/delivery, with no quantity minimums. Types include: • Speed Handles – Much like wing nuts, but on a significantly larger scale for heavier-duty applications. • Knurled Control Knobs – Also known as thumb screw knobs, they make it easier to adjust for tensioning, fastening, and similar applications. • Four-Prong Knobs – Excellent for clamping, adjustment, and fastening applications. • Palm Grip Knobs – The rounded head design creates a more ergonomic feel for the user. • Speed Bar Knobs – Allow the operator to use a bar to turn the knob that is removable when the knob is stationary, preventing impedance in tight spaces.