Tuf and Sof Thread Sealants

Nov. 21, 2007

Anti-Seize Technology (AST), a long-time industrial chemical producer has been manufacturing Thread Sealants since their inception in 1971. Along with many other products, AST carries the broadest line of Thread Sealants including two standout products, Tuf-Set™ and Sof-Set™ thread sealants. Tuf-Set™, one of AST’s newest products, is a high-performance HVAC blue pipe-thread sealant. It offers smooth consistency for easy application and is formulated for fast drying to ensure quicker sealing time. Tuf-Set is formulated to stay flexible in order to resist vibrations and thermal expansions or contractions as found in the HVAC industry. It has no PTFE, no heavy metals such as lead or cadmium, and can be used on all metal and most plastic pipe connections. For more Tuf-Set information, see our Web site at http://www.antiseize.com/56000.htm. Sof-Set™, a long-time success for AST, is a semi-smooth, easily-applied, thread-sealing compound formulated with special ingredients to provide superior sealing to a variety of liquids and gases. Sof-Set is non-petroleum based with a high-solids content that firms up after application to further promote a lasting quality seal.

• Temp range - -50?F to 400?F • Pressure range – Liquid to 12000 psi • Color – yellow • Specific gravity – 1.3 • Weight per gallon – 10.8lbs • Toxicity – Minimal Toxicity