Fluoropolymer Lined Metal Hose Provides Bacteria-Free Transfer of Media and Increased Flow for Turbines

Jan. 17, 2008
A Parker PAGE Smoothbore PTFE liner inserted in the inside diameter of metal hose assemblies provides easier cleaning and less flow resistance for faster media transport within fuel and water supply lines on power generation turbines.  These Fluoropolymer lined metal hose assemblies are constructed of stainless steel corrugated inner core and stainless steel external braid. The braided reinforcement is installed over the metal hose and is then heliarc welded to the hose with a stainless braid ring. The stub end is butt welded to the metal hose and braid creating the overall finished length of the assembly.The Smoothbore PTFE liner, once inserted inside the assembly’s diameter, is locked into place and flared over the face of the stub end, effectively becoming the sealing gasket. The PTFE liner’s smooth inner surface acts as a barrier between the media and the stainless steel core, while the metal hose allows the liner to have a smaller bend radius without kinking. The hose also supports the liner and helps keep it from collapsing in vacuum applications.The hose comes in sizes ranging from ½” I.D. up to 8” I.D. with sizes over 4” I.D. being a special order product.   Flanges are available in stainless steel (304 or 316) or carbon steel. Also, an unlined, all metal hose also is available.