U-joints with boots unfazed by dirt, corrosion, washdown fluids

Jan. 5, 2008
Curtis Universal has developed U-joint couplings that can operate in environments that would destroy most other couplings. Drives in tire and rubber plants, foundries, masonry plants, wood chippers, stone crushers, grain elevators, pulp mills, food processing systems, and other systems are subject to premature failure from abrasives and corrosives. Curtis Universal has designed a series of u-joints that are protected by boots that shield the working parts of the joints from abrasives and corrosives. Typical applications include food processing machinery, conveyors, textile equipment, washers, aggregate conveyors, and farm implements. By blocking access to the working components of the u-joint, boots prevent accelerated wear cause by dirt and erosion. Boots also improve grease retention in high-speed applications, thus lengthening operating life.