Jan. 9, 2008
Romi Machine Tools Ltd., a major manufacturer of CNC Combination lathes, Engine Lathes, Turning Centers and Machining Centers has introduced a new low cost lathe, the C420 with three modes of operation depending on operator skill levels.The C420 Combination Lathe can be equipped with the optional Romi Manual Machining Package that helps shops transition to full CNC machining in three easy steps.Manual ModeThe operator machines the part as a conventional lathe using the Control Apron. Parallel Turning, Taper Turning, Radius Turning, Drilling and Grooving can all be performed in Manual Mode.Cycles ModeThis is a semi-automatic mode. The machinist fills in the conversational screens on the Control for Feed, Speed and Cycle Data and approaches the part manually using the Control Apron. He then performs the machining cycle by pressing the Cycle Start Button. Machining operations in this mode are Drilling, Tapping, Grooving, Cutoff, Threading, and Rough & Finish Turning.Teach ModeIn this mode, the operator, while machining the first part, saves the machining process step-by-step into memory. The control converts these machining processes into a program that can be run automatically on subsequent parts.  Manual operations and cycles operations can be saved together into the same program and stored in the CNC memory or Flash Card.Jody Michaels, Sales Manager for Romi said: “For about $45,000 the C420 can help shops of any skill level produce high quality parts with minimal labor costs. There is no reason for shops to turn down work because of a shortage for skilled CNC machinists. With the C420, we’ve put the skill into the machine and control.”• Center height mm (in) - 215 (8.46) • Distance between centers m (in)- 0.5 / 1.0 (19.68 / 39.37) • Swing over bed mm (in) - 430 (16.92) • Swing over cross slide mm (in) - 200 (7.87) • Swing over saddle wings mm (in) - 400 (15.74) • Travel (X axis)mm (in)- 220 (8.66) • Travel (Z Axis mm (in) - 565 / 1,065 (22.24 / 41.92) • Bed • Width mm (in) - 305 (12.00) • Height mm (in) - 350 (13.77) • Headstock • Spindle nose ASA - A2-5" A2-6" • Spindle hole diameter mm (in) - 53 (2.08) 65 (2.55) • Speed range rpm - 4-4,000 3-3,000 • Feeds • Rapid traverse (Z axis) m/min (ipm) - 10 (393.70 • Rapid traverse (X axis) m/min (ipm) - 10 (393.70)