Door/Window Edge Protectors

Jan. 12, 2008
Laminations®, part of Great Northern Corporation’s Specialty Group, has introduced UChannel®, a new three-sided edge protection product designed to protect windows and doors, as part of its VBoard® line of sustainable packaging solutions.UChannel® is laminated paperboard manufactured with a single-piece seamless construction that can be formed to provide a wide variety and range of base widths and leg heights. The seamless one-piece construction means no rivets that can scratch product and no bottom overlap.Ideal for protecting the edges of all types and shapes of windows and doors—including garage doors—during shipping, handling and storage, UChannel is a cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable alternative to wood crates and other materials.The manufacture of UChannel was made possible by a substantial investment in proprietary equipment by Laminations.  The new custom-designed machinery that makes UChannel allows leg angles to meet and sustain tight specifications, minimizing angle variance during product runs while ensuring fast turnaround.The new machinery also allows UChannel to accommodate paper rolls up to 18 inches wide and form them into channels that have a wide range of leg heights and base widths, including asymmetrical combinations that allow for unique applications. UChannel is available in calipers of 0.080 to 0.600 inches and standard lengths up to 300 inches. Special-order lengths and a wide range of high-quality printing options also are available. Free samples can be requested by visiting addition to UChannel, the new machinery can also produce VBoard with larger leg lengths than standard VBoard and flat laminated pieces that can be used as spacers to separate glass sheets or other stacked flat products. The introduction of UChannel marks the latest expansion of Laminations’ family of protective packaging products that are designed specifically for the windows and doors industry, including:•    FlexRoll®, edge protection on a roll, conforms to any shape and fits any size. This continuous-length roll is designed to protect curved, round and irregular-shaped windows by conforming to their edges. •    FlatBoard®, a versatile packaging solution that can be scored, slit scored, folded, die cut, glued or perforated. It is delivered flat, then transforms to the customer’s application. •    FlexBoard®, a notched, flexible version of VBoard, is designed for extra-durable protection for arch windows and other unusually shaped architectural elements.•    VBoard® can be stapled to window frames to prevent strapping damage and to otherwise safeguard critical edges.•    VGuard®, when stapled to the corners of window frames, prevents them from rubbing against one another during shipping and handling.