The PR 4500 Series Pallet Rider performs in a variety of material handling applications.


Crown’s ergonomically designed operator compartment has a suspended floorboard and comfortable floor mat. These features reduce the shock that results from driving over dock plates and rough floors. The Variable Side Stance design positions the operator for maximum effectiveness and forward/reverse visibility during traveling and load handling functions. In addition, power steering contributes to better maneuverability and improved operator comfort.


The series includes Technovations, the fusion of technology and innovation, like Access 123 Comprehensive System Control and e-GENTM Braking. Access 123 technology continuously monitors system inputs and outputs, keeping the PR 4500 Series functioning at an optimal level. Crown’s exclusive e-GEN Braking works with the Crown-built AC traction motor to provide reliable, maintenance-free, frictionless braking for the life of the truck.


The PR 4500 Series also comes equipped with Crown’s exclusive InfoPoint System which simplifies maintenance by providing detailed maps, making it easy to locate and identify components throughout the truck. Additionally, Crown offers specific structural enhancements and uses heavy-duty steel to ensure long-lasting performance, especially where costly damages could occur.

  • Load Capacity: 6,000 to 8,000 lb.
  • Power (Electric): 24V / 750 Ah
  • Head Length: 44.7 in.
  • Width Overall: 38 in.
  • Nominal Fork Length: 36 to 144 in.