Setra Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of pressure measurement instrumentation, introduces the CSS Series and CSC Series of current pressure switches.  Utilizing magnetic current sensing technology, the CSS and CSC current switches are ideal for HVAC/R, industrial, and lighting applications that use electric motors to drive fans, pumps, and blowers, and for sensing the status of heating coils and lighting. Setra’s family of current switches offers users an economical approach to detecting low current loads running through a cable or wire. The CSC model has a split core and is ideal for retrofit installations.  Its split core design makes it easy to clamp the CSC onto existing power cables or wires. The CSS model has a solid core with a wide orifice for easy pass-through of the conductor (wire or cable), making it ideal for new installations and provides the greatest savings opportunity.  Since excitation is magnetically induced from the cable or wire, these units are completely self-powered.These solid-state switches are offered with industry standard 135 Amp or 200 Amp output, and very low, fixed or user-adjustable setpoints, which are activated when the fault current is reached. The CSS series features three models, which are available with setpoints as low as 0.25 Amps.  The CSC series features five models, which are available with setpoints as low as 0.15 Amps. The adjustable setpoint models can be adjusted to signal either loss of load or overload conditions. Switch load capacity is 1 Amp @ 30 V AC/DC maximum. In addition, the CSS and CSC series feature models equipped with switch LED indicators for switch status, as well as models with a snap-on-power relay and LED indicators for remote motor stop or start. The CSS and CSC Series are CE and RoHS compliant; UL Listed: 3kGH, IND. CONT. EQ, File No. E31719.• Amperage Range - 1.25 to 135 A • Continuous Operating Current - 135 Am 600 V AC • Switch Setpoint – Adjustable • Actuation Coil - 24 V AC/DC • Trip Setpoint Value - 1.25 to 135 A • Sensor Supply Voltage - Induced from power conductor cable • Status Output -Switch normally open • Switch Load Capacity -1 A @ 30 V AC/DC max. • Isolation Voltage - 600 V AC ms • Temperature Voltage - 5 to 140°F (-15 to 60°C) • Frequency Range - 50/60 Hz • Humidity Range - 0 to 95% non-condensing