Jan. 12, 2008
Providing lighting design engineers with afull color device ideal for applications with limited PC board space, TT electronics OPTEKTechnology has developed a surface mount RGB LED with a 150° viewing angle. Designatedthe OVSRRGBCC3, the 3 separate diodes are housed in a miniature surface mount package thatis compatible with both automatic pick and place equipment as well as infrared and vapor phasesolder reflow processes.“The 1204 package size provides customers with the option of mounting the LED as atop-emitting or side-emitting device,” said Richard Saffa, vice president of OPTEKTechnology’s Visible LED Business Unit. “The mounting options and miniature size make theLED package ideal for a variety of applications, particularly those with limited board space suchas handheld applications.”The OVSRRGBCC3 LED is specified for use in automotive dashboard and switchbacklighting, telecommunications backlighting in telephones and faxes, and flat backlighting forLCDs, switches and symbols.The full-color surface mount LED package is composed of a red, green and blue LEDwith a white diffused lens. The red LED features AllnGaP material with a typical intensity of125mcd. The green and blue LEDs utilize InGaN material and feature typical intensities of300mcd and 75mcd, respectively. The red LED has continuous forward current of 30mA with apower dissipation of 78mW. Continuous forward current for the green and blue LEDs is 20mAand power dissipation is 84mW. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C.The OVSRRGBCC3 LED package measures 3.2mm x 1.0mm, with a height of 1.5mm.